The Perfect Casual Striped Top Inspired By 4Bellas Boutique


4Bellas boutique striped top6






Top: here (Visit them on Insta @4bellasfashion!) ~ Earrings: here Denim: here ~ Sandals: here ~ Bag: here ~ Sunglasses: old (similar)


Happy Monday everyone! I hope y’all had a great weekend! This weekend was a rainy one, so relaxing and snuggling up to Mia and Konnor in cozy pj’s was the only thing on my agenda! As the storms passed through the night, it left us with hot, humid and cloudy weather that my mom and I decided to have our weekly girls day! After a yummy lunch, photoshoot and a trip to Ulta, I am ready to finish my evening with a cold coffee while watching the first episode of the new Bachelor In Paradise!!!! Do y’all watch BIP!? Who is y’alls fav of this season!? On a completely different note, I have been looking for a protein powder that I can mix with smoothies for lunch, and that actually tastes good! I hate the taste of Slim Fast, and every protein powder I have tried tastes like that! I recently found a new chocolate protein powder that I have fallen in love with at my local health food store (Jacks Natural Foods). Jacks makes protein smoothies that taste amazing, so I decided to snag the protein powder they use and make my own! I havent made any yet, but I will definitely keep yall updated on how I like it and even a smoothie recipe that I come up with!! The brand of protein powder is called: “Bobs Red Mill Soy protein powder” (I got the chocolate).


Ok, moving on to this super cute striped top! I first want to point out the lovely boutique that gave me the opportunity to try a few of their products, 4Bellas Boutique. 4Bellas boutique offers the latest fashion that is adorable AND the greatest prices…Can’t beat that! The owner of 4Bellas, Nancy, is the sweetest also! Her customer service is outstanding and her love for fashion is what makes this boutique so great! I cannot say enough great things about her! This top in particular was one of my favorites. Lately, as you all know, I have been drawn to the nautical, light blue and white trend. This top is such amazing quality and fits perfectly in all the right places! I have been loving the wrap looks lately as well (wrap dresses and wrap tops) but never have owned one. I was super excited to try on my first wrap top and was so pleased with the fit! It is also high-low, which elongates the torso and makes me look a little taller in my opinion! Next, can we all take a moment and gaze at these earrings!? These beauties are the lightest earrings I own…seriously!! I have been all into the tassel, rope-like earrings and when I saw these, I was all heart-eyed! I am super impressed with the quality and the feather- like weight! I can wear these earrings all day long and never have an issue with them hurting! Overall, this boutique is gorgeous in every way and offers the cutest fashion without breaking the bank!! Check them out here


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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

Long Sleeve Peplum For Fall

Pre fall peplum top5

Pre fall peplum top10

Pre fall peplum top4

Pre fall peplum top11

Pre fall peplum top1

Pre fall peplum top6

Pre fall peplum top2

Pre fall peplum top3

Pre fall peplum top7

Top: T.J. Maxx (similar here and here) ~ Denim: (very similar here) ~ Mule booties: here ~ Necklace: here ~ Bag: here


This look is definitely giving me fall vibes! As the summer is coming to an end, I have been on the hunt for new fall clothes and I picked this beauty up at T.J. Maxx! Peplum tops are a figure flattering type of top that I personally love…With my natural curvy-ness! For me, peplum tops really accentuate my hips without making me feel uncomfortable and actually let me embrace them! I paired this look with these ripped white denim that I also found at T.J. Maxx for an amazing price as always! Next, I seriously cannot get enough of these mule booties! I walked around in them all day and never had an uncomfortable moment. I can already see myself wearing these beauties so much this fall! Lastly, I snagged this necklace from Nordstrom for only like $12!! If you are wanting a layered necklace that is dainty and matches everything, get this one while it is still on sale!! I was in desperate need of some new necklaces yet, didn’t want to splurge, so I was excited when I saw this one was gorgeous AND on sale!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

Pre-Fall Outfit Featuring Pansy Hill Boutique







Top: Pansy Hill Boutique (Find them on Facebook at “Pansy hill boutique” and on Instagram at “pansyhillboutique”)(Their website is coming soon!) ~ Denim: here ~ Mule Booties: here ~ Bag: here ~ Earrings: here ~ Necklace: here ~ Sunglasses: here


Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a good week! Today was a very productive day for me which I always love to say! Even though it was rainy and overcast all day, I made myself go to the gym, get a healthy smoothie…which was delicious btw (coffee and chocolate) and worked on some blog posts! I am finishing the night off making Konnor and I a recipe that I found on Sequins At Breakfast Blog that looks amazing! The recipe is for “The Easiest Baked chicken taquitos” which I have always been a fan of! Mexican food is my go to, and these also are really healthy! I will be posting the end result on my Insta stories so watch for that! A special thank you to Laura at Sequins At Breakfast Blog for sharing this delicious recipe! Check her blog out!


Lets move on to this adorable fall look!! I already have fall fever and cannot wait for it to be here (fall is my favorite season)! This top is one from Pansy Hill Boutique and it is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now! One of the things that I love about this top is how it fits. At first I was nervous that it would be too tight around the stomach, but it was actually “flowy” which I personally love! The material on this top is super soft and great quality, plus! I cannot get enough of the detail across the chest and shoulders! To top off this outfit, I recently purchased the CUTEST pair of mule booties at Target (on sale…score!) and have not wanted to take them off since! After putting this look together, I am even more ready for fall and cannot wait patiently anymore!!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn



Bright, Coral Off-The-Shoulder Dress With Pansy Hill Boutique







Dress: Pansy Hill Boutique (Find them on Facebook at “Pansy hill boutique” and on Instagram at “pansyhillboutique”)(Their website is coming soon!) ~ Wedges: old (similar here) ~ Clutch: old (very similar here ) ~ Necklace: here ~ Earrings: here ~ Sunglasses: here


Hey lovelies! Thanks for stopping by! I am SO excited for today’s post because I have found the cutest/affordable boutique (Pansy Hill) that has given me the opportunity to style this lovely bright, coral dress for y’all! Ill get to this adorable dress in a minute, but first, lets talk about Pansy Hill Boutique! This boutique offers affordable women’s fashion that is super trendy and chic! Pansy Hill Boutique is located in Herriman, Tennessee and is in the process of working on their website, so you too can order their adorable fashion! Visit their Instagram and Facebook pages to see some more of their styles and what they offer!!

Now lets get to this stunning dress! The minute I opened my package and saw this color, I knew I would love it. Then, after I saw it was an off-the-shoulder dress with bell sleeves I was obsessed! This dress is definitely true to size (mine is a medium) and fits soo well. I have never owned a bright coral dress because I always thought it would not flatter me…oh my goodness I was wrong! Wearing this dress, I feel so girly and want to twirl in it all day! The top of this dress is perfect for someone who would even like to wear it on the shoulder for a more modest look, and wears perfectly all over. One of my favorite parts of this dress, are the mini bell shaped sleeves! They are so stinking cute and I love that it adds such a nice detail. I love everything about this dress from the color to the great quality detail, and think it is perfect for “a night out on the town”!


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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

The Best Ruffled Tee + New Healthy Lifestyle Update







Top: here ( different colors available) ~ Denim: here ~ Sandals: here ~ Sunglasses: here ~ Bag: here ~ Necklace: here


 Happy Monday! Yesterday, my mom and I decided to have a girls day, doing a little shopping…which btw, I picked up an ADORABLE coffee mug from Target with the letter “K” on it, and I am obsessed! It was only $5 which is such a steal! I ended up opting for a more comfy, casual look for the day. This tee is perfect to throw on and go, yet the ruffle sleeves gives it a more dressy look than just a plain tee! Also, Saturday my Nordstrom layered necklace arrived and I am loving everything about it. First, it is on sale right now for $11 and second, the simple details are definitely my ideal pick for a necklace.

Healthy Lifestyle and Weightloss Update: 

The first thing I have learned so far with eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis, is getting your mind focused. For me, I sat down and really thought about what I want from all of this and how I want to feel. Getting my mind focused on my goal and the positive outcome, really has allowed me to resist temptation. Instead of strictly focusing on what not to eat, what not do when exercising and all of the “What not to do’s” I simply focus on what would make my current habits a little healthier. Y’all…baby steps. I cannot express how many times I have tried to jump into a healthy diet or exercising routine so forcefully, and see myself fail time after time! I finally figured out that replacing my daily habits and temptations (Foods) with healthier options that I still enjoy, has really been a benefit to me! For exercising, I have actually been really lost on the “What, whens and hows” lately. What should I be doing? When should I be exercising? And how am I going to lose this weight? Well, I know I needed to start somewhere, so last week I got up and went to the gym for the first time in like a month… I ran on the treadmill and ended with elliptical to just give myself somewhat of a starting point. I was so proud that I just got up and went and that really motivated me! The second day, I ran again and burned around 200 cals…. For some of you that is nothing, but for me not going in a month and burning a good amount was really rewarding! After studying some helpful books on healthy lifestyles, this one has seriously helped me the most. I now have a better understanding of what I need to be doing at the gym and even at home to shed off this weight and simply be healthier. I honestly think this book in particular,  has helped me a lot with balance and giving me factual info to adopt a new healthy lifestyle the right way! If you are looking for a good book on weightloss and simply wanting to be healthy, the “Feel Good Plan” book is my FAV. If y’all are interested, I can devote a whole blog post reviewing this book and showing y’all my favorite parts! Just let me know in the comments!


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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn





TULA Talk: TULA Skincare Review + Coupon Code


floral tula pic

floral tula pic 2




Hey lovelies!! I am sooo excited for today’s blog post! I am talking all about TULA skincare! I recently discovered TULA skincare as I was scrolling through Instagram, and was immediately intrigued when I saw their BEAUTIFUL packaging! As I researched more about their products, I found that they are natural and all about the balance of skin! I was so excited to try these products out and jumped for joy when they were delivered to my door! Down below, you will find my full TULA skincare review along with their wonderful story about their products. Don’t forget to click the links above and/or below to get your TULA skincare AND to get a 20% coupon code with free shipping on orders over $30…ENJOY!


TULA’S STORY: Lets first start by understanding what the word TULA actually means! “TULA” means balance in Sanskrit. TULA skincare is an all natural brand, that combines probiotics with different superfoods to make all of their products healthy for the skin. You can also find more information about exactly what goes into TULA skincare, on the “About” page here!

MY REVIEW: Lets first start with the purifying face cleanser. This product is simply amazing….no, seriously! I honestly had in mind that it would feel like any other face cleanser however, I have never had a cleanser make my face as smooth as this one did! I have always had small bumps along the outer part of my face that I have not been able to get rid of and the first thing I noticed was that my bumps are gone! I have nothing better to say other than I am obsessed! Next, we have the day/night time moisturizer. Again yall… amazing! The one thing that I cannot get enough of about this moisturizer is when it dries, it does not have a sticky feel to the skin! I have battled with feeling greasy after I apply moisturizer, but with this one, my face has a super soft skin like feel! The next product I want to talk about is the revitalizing eye cream. This eye cream applies soo soft and gets rid of any dull or puffiness around the eyes. Awesome right!? Lastly, we have the exfoliating mask. This mask is perfect for anyone who loves a soft, smooth feel to their skin. This mask has a lovely fresh/clean scent, plus, it is infused with tiny exfoliating beads to gently exfoliate your skin! This mask works like a charm, and again like I said earlier….leaves my face smooth with no tiny bumps!

OVERALL FEELINGS: Since I have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle, having an all natural skincare line was just what I needed to add to my new lifestyle! For me, I am very impressed with TULA skincare and am soo happy that I tried their products. I am ready to see positive changes to my skin, and know that TULA is the brand that I choose to help me! I am very impressed with how clean my face feels once I use these products! I have also noticed a subtle glow to my face and LOVE how smooth my makeup has applied now that I am using TULA!! Again, if you are interested in a healthy skincare line, give TULA a try! Find all of their products and coupon code here.


DISCLAIMER: * Some links are affiliate links, meaning if a purchase is made, I will make a certain percentage of commission off that purchase. This being said, all of the products and opinions I talk about are my own, honest opinions. I only lead y’all to products I love and trust!*


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The Most Comfy Off-The-Shoulder Striped Dress + New Healthy Lifestyle

FullSizeRender (98)

FullSizeRender (97)

FullSizeRender (99)

FullSizeRender (100)


Dress: here ~ Sandals: here ~ Bag: here ~ Sunglasses: very similar


Happy Monday everyone! Konnor and I are back from our Beavers Bend trip! We had so much fun enjoying the outdoors, eating delicious food and simply getting away for a few days. Now that we are back, I have decided to seriously focus on my health. As I get older, I am starting to realize that if I do not take control of my health now, it will only get worse. Now, by no means am I in such bad health that I am in danger however, I would like to simply adopt a mostly healthy lifestyle for the overall “feeling good in my body” memo. I am excited to get into shape and loose some of these stubborn pounds, while eating and exercising REALISTICALLY! By this, I mean cooking healthy (YUMMY) meals through the week, followed by a hard earned takeout or “dinning in” dinner and/or dessert on the weekends (not going crazy though) that are simple and quick, exercising at least 4 times a week (either at the gym, home or both) and starting yoga for the evening to relax before I sleep! These simple steps are sure to get the desired overall wellness, as I have done this before! Sadly, my will power and temptation for bad food has become a habit, so I am working on this as well! Haha! In about three months, My family and I have another trip planned to West Virginia to visit my dads side of the family, and I would like to loose around 28 pounds, which will put me at 130Lbs. I set this goal because first, setting goals like this, keep me motivated and push me to achieve them and second, after configuring how many pounds I need to loose a week (two pounds a week) I figured is extremely do-able! After I loose my desired 28 pounds, my next goal is to continue my healthy lifestyle, and never have to be stuck in a situation that puts me back in an unhealthy direction. Don’t get me wrong, this will be a challenge! But I am dedicated and ready to overcome this obstacle. I have also decided, while I am working towards my goal weight, I am going to update y’all on how I am feeling, what I am eating plus exercises that I am doing, and what I am learning through this process! I would absolutely love to hear your comments on some of the healthy lifestyle changes you might have made, or anything else! I love interacting with y’all and am excited to hear your thoughts!!


Ok! Whew! Now on to this loose fitting Striped summer dress! The first thing I love about this dress is how comfy it is. The material is SUPER soft and it is the perfect dress to through on for a casual or even date night occasion. The second thing about this dress that I love is how versatile it is! I prefer to wear this dress off-the-shoulder for a casual look, BUT for a more formal occasion, I like to wear it on-the-shoulder.  Either one is adorable!


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