Feeling “Denim”


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Shirt: similar/same brand 40% off ~ Jeans T.J Maxx: similar here ~ Shoes: similar 33% off ~ Bracelet: very similar ~ Sunglasses: here

This spring, I have been drawn to these adorable off the shoulder tops. I am excited that they are one of this years fashion trends because they are EVERYWHERE! As T.J. Maxx has stocked up their racks with lots of these tops, I picked up two (which happened to be the same brand, and the brand from yesterday’s post) with the intention of not liking the way they fit on my shoulders. As soon as I tried them on, I was happily shocked that they were so comfortable on the shoulders and fit perfectly everywhere else. Also, I feel confident when I wear them which is a huge factor for me when it comes to off the shoulder tops. I think the Beach Lunch Lounge brand is going to be on my list of “fashion brands that I love.”

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

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