Summer Beach Wave Hair Tutorial + My Fav Products I Used

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Curling Wand: here ~ Brush: here ~ Hairspray: here ~ OGX Oil: here


Happy Friday! I hope everybody had a great week and is looking forward to Father’s Day weekend! Konnor and I have plans to attend a family reunion tomorrow for his side of the family, and then spend Sunday with my awesome Daddy. As tradition, we like to come together and have a cookout…this time is a fish fry (YES!) and have the whole family together to celebrate our wonderful dad! I want to go on a little mushy spill and say how grateful I am for my dad. First, my dad is one of the strongest and most caring people in my life.  There is not a struggle in this world that he has not helped me overcome. I am so proud of the success that he has made for himself and our family and will always cherish every bit of it. From his silly dance moves to his loving personality, I am so grateful that I get to call him “Daddy”.

~ What are some of the things y’all like to do with your dad on Father’s Day? I would love to know!~


On to this summer beach wave hair look! Y’ALL… This look is sooo easy to achieve and oh-so pretty! This hairstyle has been my go-to for any occasion that I want to look a little more dressed up but still casual…If that makes any sense haha! Below is my step by step tutorial of these gorgeous beach waves and hair products that I absolutely love! Enjoy!


Step 1: First, I like to start with second or third day hair to allow for natural texture, which makes for the messy, beach-like look. If you are wanting to achieve this hairstyle with fresh clean hair, no problem! Just simply spray a texture spray (here) or dry shampoo to get that desired messy look.

Step 2: Next, I like to spray the OGX oil on my hands and run this product from the middle to ends of my hair. I personally do not like spraying oils directly to my hair as they tend to make my hair look greasy! I also do not apply oils to the tops of my hair near the roots due to the same greasy effect! Yuck!

Step 3: After I have evenly applied the OGX oil, I gently brush through my hair with my trusted “Wet” brush. I recently purchased this brush after hearing great reviews on it and thought I would give it a try. What I love about this brush is how gentle it is on my hair. The bristles are very thin and flexible which honestly made me a little nervous at first, because my hair is very thick and tangles easily. The first time I used this brush, I immediately threw my old one away and will not use anything else! Seriously obsessed!

Step 4: Now that my hair is smooth and tangle free, it is time to curl…or should I say wave! I have been using the NuMe 25mm classic curling wand to achieve these gorgeous waves. I like to angle my wand downward and wrap about a 1 inch piece of hair around the wand away from my face. I will hold the hair in place for about 15 seconds and then slowly unwrap the hair in the opposite direction that I originally wrapped it. Repeat this step throughout the rest of your hair! (The pictures above will show a more clear visual on how to do this step).

Step 5: After curling, I like to VERY LIGHTLY run my fingers through the waves and sort of “fluff” them out! I will then spray my Pantene Pro V volumizing hairspray (which smells AMAZING) to set the waves in place.

Yes! That’s it! Super easy right!? I would love to see y’all recreate this look and post a picture on your socials tagging me, so I can see how pretty it turns out!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

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