The Most Comfy Off-The-Shoulder Striped Dress + New Healthy Lifestyle

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Dress: here ~ Sandals: here ~ Bag: here ~ Sunglasses: very similar


Happy Monday everyone! Konnor and I are back from our Beavers Bend trip! We had so much fun enjoying the outdoors, eating delicious food and simply getting away for a few days. Now that we are back, I have decided to seriously focus on my health. As I get older, I am starting to realize that if I do not take control of my health now, it will only get worse. Now, by no means am I in such bad health that I am in danger however, I would like to simply adopt a mostly healthy lifestyle for the overall “feeling good in my body” memo. I am excited to get into shape and loose some of these stubborn pounds, while eating and exercising REALISTICALLY! By this, I mean cooking healthy (YUMMY) meals through the week, followed by a hard earned takeout or “dinning in” dinner and/or dessert on the weekends (not going crazy though) that are simple and quick, exercising at least 4 times a week (either at the gym, home or both) and starting yoga for the evening to relax before I sleep! These simple steps are sure to get the desired overall wellness, as I have done this before! Sadly, my will power and temptation for bad food has become a habit, so I am working on this as well! Haha! In about three months, My family and I have another trip planned to West Virginia to visit my dads side of the family, and I would like to loose around 28 pounds, which will put me at 130Lbs. I set this goal because first, setting goals like this, keep me motivated and push me to achieve them and second, after configuring how many pounds I need to loose a week (two pounds a week) I figured is extremely do-able! After I loose my desired 28 pounds, my next goal is to continue my healthy lifestyle, and never have to be stuck in a situation that puts me back in an unhealthy direction. Don’t get me wrong, this will be a challenge! But I am dedicated and ready to overcome this obstacle. I have also decided, while I am working towards my goal weight, I am going to update y’all on how I am feeling, what I am eating plus exercises that I am doing, and what I am learning through this process! I would absolutely love to hear your comments on some of the healthy lifestyle changes you might have made, or anything else! I love interacting with y’all and am excited to hear your thoughts!!


Ok! Whew! Now on to this loose fitting Striped summer dress! The first thing I love about this dress is how comfy it is. The material is SUPER soft and it is the perfect dress to through on for a casual or even date night occasion. The second thing about this dress that I love is how versatile it is! I prefer to wear this dress off-the-shoulder for a casual look, BUT for a more formal occasion, I like to wear it on-the-shoulder.  Either one is adorable!


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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

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