The Best Ruffled Tee + New Healthy Lifestyle Update







Top: here ( different colors available) ~ Denim: here ~ Sandals: here ~ Sunglasses: here ~ Bag: here ~ Necklace: here


 Happy Monday! Yesterday, my mom and I decided to have a girls day, doing a little shopping…which btw, I picked up an ADORABLE coffee mug from Target with the letter “K” on it, and I am obsessed! It was only $5 which is such a steal! I ended up opting for a more comfy, casual look for the day. This tee is perfect to throw on and go, yet the ruffle sleeves gives it a more dressy look than just a plain tee! Also, Saturday my Nordstrom layered necklace arrived and I am loving everything about it. First, it is on sale right now for $11 and second, the simple details are definitely my ideal pick for a necklace.

Healthy Lifestyle and Weightloss Update: 

The first thing I have learned so far with eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis, is getting your mind focused. For me, I sat down and really thought about what I want from all of this and how I want to feel. Getting my mind focused on my goal and the positive outcome, really has allowed me to resist temptation. Instead of strictly focusing on what not to eat, what not do when exercising and all of the “What not to do’s” I simply focus on what would make my current habits a little healthier. Y’all…baby steps. I cannot express how many times I have tried to jump into a healthy diet or exercising routine so forcefully, and see myself fail time after time! I finally figured out that replacing my daily habits and temptations (Foods) with healthier options that I still enjoy, has really been a benefit to me! For exercising, I have actually been really lost on the “What, whens and hows” lately. What should I be doing? When should I be exercising? And how am I going to lose this weight? Well, I know I needed to start somewhere, so last week I got up and went to the gym for the first time in like a month… I ran on the treadmill and ended with elliptical to just give myself somewhat of a starting point. I was so proud that I just got up and went and that really motivated me! The second day, I ran again and burned around 200 cals…. For some of you that is nothing, but for me not going in a month and burning a good amount was really rewarding! After studying some helpful books on healthy lifestyles, this one has seriously helped me the most. I now have a better understanding of what I need to be doing at the gym and even at home to shed off this weight and simply be healthier. I honestly think this book in particular,  has helped me a lot with balance and giving me factual info to adopt a new healthy lifestyle the right way! If you are looking for a good book on weightloss and simply wanting to be healthy, the “Feel Good Plan” book is my FAV. If y’all are interested, I can devote a whole blog post reviewing this book and showing y’all my favorite parts! Just let me know in the comments!


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