Must-Have Products For Achieving Smooth, Straight Hair


Welcome back friends, I am soo glad you stopped by! Today, I am sharing a few hair products that I am dying to tell y’all about! I love wearing my hair straight for a more casual hairstyle, and found some products that I LOVE for achieving this smooth, straight look. Below, I will share each product PLUS how I like to use each one! Enjoy!


Lets start from the beginning… aka wet hair. I like to start this look with clean, wet hair and then apply Tresemme “Heat Tamer” spray (here). Having thick, long hair, I try to keep my hair as healthy as possible while still using heat tools. This heat protecting spray is great for protecting your hair from becoming brittle and damaged after applying lots of heat through it. To apply this product, I will simply hold parts of my hair and spray towards the middle/ends of my strands as I let each strand fall slowly out of my fingers.

When my hair is dried, I then use the NUME Megastar straightener (here). I really enjoy this straightener, and think it works very well. As I mentioned earlier, I have very thick hair and finding a straightener that will straighten and keep my hair straightened, is very hard to find. The NUME Megastar, straightens extremely well and is also very gentle (does not pull) which I love. I have never had any issues with this straightener and think it is great quality! I also love the classic wand by NUME that I reviewed in this post.


After I spray the heat protection spray, I will gently brush through my hair with this Wet brush (here). I have always dealt with stubborn, tangily hair, and every brush I owned before the Wet brush damaged my hair immensely. Normal brushes tend to break my hair, causing strands to rip out, and were always too rough! Yikes! The Wet brush on the other hand, is made with thin/flexible bristles which is so much softer on your hair, and makes brushing your hair more bearable. If you are in the market for a new brush, this one is definitely my recommendation!

FullSizeRender (9)

These three products are by far my favorite part of achieving the smooth look! Before I blow dry my hair, I will spray the Kenra blow dry spray (here) to the middle and ends of my hair. y’all…this stuff smells amazing and works its magic. The smoothness, definitely comes from this product PLUS helps blow dry your hair faster!! Having thick hair as I mentioned, makes blow drying a dreadful experience. I used to spend an hour trying to get my hair completely dry, and when I use the Kenra blow dry spray, I only spend about 20 minutes. Literally a time saver product! Next on the list, is the NUME moisturizing serum (here). I apply this serum to the middle and ends of my hair to give it that shiny, luscious effect. Over the years, I have tried lots of moisturizing serums and this one is my favorite for allowing the perfect amount of shine, without a greasy feel to the hair. Lastly, I use the Triple Sec (dry bar) 3-in-1 (here) to add a little texture, volume, and the most amazing scent to my hair! I recently purchased this spray, and love everything about it. Since it is a 3-in-1 spray, it can be used for volume, texture, and even as a dry shampoo. I have used dry shampoos in the past, and honestly am not a big fan at all. I still have the greasy feel to my hair, and always makes my hair feel dirtier than it was! After discovering dry bar 3-in-1, I am again a believer in the power of dry shampoo! AHH! I can now go on 3 day hair (the most I can go without washing) and still have smooth, smelling good hair after using the dry bar 3-in-1 spray! I seriously cannot say enough good things about it! Let me know in the comments if you have it, and what you think about it!!

Now that you know my “straight hair secrets” I would love for you to try these products yourself, and let me know how they made a difference on your hair!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn


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