It’s My Birthday! + Q&A


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Dress: old (similar here) ~ Heels: old (from Target) (very similar here) ~ Earrings: here ON SALE!


Its my Birthday!! Whoop! I am officially not a teenager anymore and honestly, it feels kind of different! Ever since I was little, I always wished that I were in my 20’s and now I am! I celebrated my Birthday with my favorite people…My family! We are such a close family and I am so fortunate to have them to celebrate my 20 years! Also, Konnor was so sweet and took me on a shopping trip to Dallas. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory for the first time (which btw was amazing!) and spent quality time together which was the best part. As college students, we are so busy and even though we see each other almost everyday, we like to go out and have special trips like these, to spend the entire day together!

Ok Moving on! I wanted to do something special today for the blog, and came up with some personal and fashion/beauty related Q&A’s to help y’all get to know me a little better! Enjoy!



  1. Do I have any nicknames?

Yes! Ever since I was very young, my parents called me “KK”. As I have gotten older, that name has stuck with me and now that I am an aunt to two nephews, they call me “KK” as well!

2. What are your favorite Hobbies?

My first and foremost favorite hobby is blogging! Ever since I started blogging last January, I have fallen in love with everything about it. I simply cannot get enough of the photo shoots, creative thinking, writing, and relationship building with other bloggers. Two other hobbies of mine are cooking and baking. I recently started experimenting with both cooking and baking and honestly love it. I now look for every opportunity to bake a cake or make tasty treats for EVERY holiday, and offer to cook for the entire family for dinner!

3. Do you want to travel later in life? Where?

YES! I am so excited to travel later on in life! Konnor and I have talked about so many places we want to go such as Italy, The Bahamas, Barbados and many more. I am a little afraid of airplanes and have only been on one, one time when I was 2! Hopefully I can get over that fear before any air travels!

4. What are you going to college for? Do you have any advice for new college students?

I am going to college for Business Administration. I am enjoying this major and really think that it will help me later on in life. I am not quite sure what exactly I am planning on doing with this degree however, my DREAM job would be to work for my blog full-time! For new college students, my advice would be to not stress out so much on what you want to major in (if you are unsure) and get your basic classes out of the way before you make a wholehearted decision. I say this, because for the longest time I KNEW I wanted to be a pediatric nurse. As I went through high school, I then decided that was not the career path I wanted to take and I then began to stress and worry about what exactly I wanted to do before I graduated high school! I ended up choosing a Business degree, but realized that to get to the “business” classes, I had to get through the basic classes first. If I would have realized that sooner, I would have saved myself the stress of trying to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! So if you are like I was and not sure what you want to major in, don’t worry girl! You have plenty of time to decide on a major while you take your basic classes!


  1. What is your favorite skincare line?

My favorite skincare line is definitely TULA. TULA skincare is an all natural skincare line that combines superfoods and vitamins to make products that will balance out your skin. I have a whole blog post dedicated to TULA skincare and all of the products I use! Check it out! TULA blog post here with coupon code

2. Do you dye your hair?

Yes, I have a balayage technique to my hair! My roots are a darker chocolate brown and fades to a light dirty blonde shade. I love the balayage effect that I have, but am ready to change it up! I loved the color for this last summer however, now that it is fall time I am wanting to go darker all over!

3. Do you have a favorite eyeshadow palette for fall?

Oh yes I do! I am seriously obsessed with the Morphe 35O palette! This palette has 35 shades (20 matte and 15 shimmer). What I love so much about this palette is how pigmented they are! I am so impressed with the formula of this palette and also cannot get enough of the bronzy AND smokey colors that it offers! I definitely suggest this palette to everyone and am dying to get another palette by Morphe!

If you have anymore Q&A questions you would like to know, comment below!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn




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