Plan With Me! Featuring Plum Paper

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Design Your Plum Paper Planner Here!

Now that it is the new year, a new planner is a must have for me! I love being organized and having a planner makes planning fun and easy. As I was looking for a new planner for 2018, I was extra picky with what I wanted. A normal planner with tiny squares and a few pages of lines to jot down extra info, was not what I was interested in. I was in the market for something more detailed, like a book. I did not just want to write down my plans and appointments, but also plan my blogging schedule and have a spot to brainstorm. I found Plum Paper on Instagram and immediately loved the planners that they featured on their page. I decided to check out their website to see what planners they had to choose from and was super impressed with what all they offer! I got to customize my entire planner, including the design on the outside of the planner, the size of the planner, what I wanted in the planner AND so many extra add on’s that I wanted to include. Plum Paper is also fairly priced which is a miracle when compared to many other planners out there. For around $50 I chose the “Large Me” 12 month planner with two addition add on’s (blog planning add on) and (brainstorming add on). What I love so much about Plum Paper is the freedom you have when choosing the planner that is right for you and the amazing quality that you receive for such a great price! I 100% recommend Plum Paper if you are looking for a customize-able, stylish planner. It’s time to start planning in style!


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Thank you Plum Paper for sponsoring today’s post!

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