About Me

Who am I?

My name is Kaitlyn McKnight and I am a 19 year old college student that loves the ins and outs of the fashion and beauty world. I am the youngest of three siblings and a proud momma to a Coton De Tulear…Mia! I also want to introduce my amazing boyfriend of 5 years, Konnor, which you will see in occasional postings!

Why did I start Simply Stylish And where did I get that name from?

Blogging about the things that I love has been something that I have pondered for a while now. I have always been one to second guess myself, until I realized that if I can talk hours on end about fashion, beauty and many more, than I would not have any problem writing about it! So how did I get my name? When coming up with names for my blog, I wanted something that represents the way I see myself and my style. My personality and style are just alike, in that I am simple. I run a pretty simple lifestyle, nothing too over the top, however, nothing too boring… I do like to have lots of fun! My style is all about soft colors. I love neutrals (gray’s, creams, pastel’s, whites, etc.) and I am attracted to soft printed and solid colored clothing. With my simple style, I also like to add accent pieces to my wardrobe to give it life and just the right amount of color. After many trial and errors with names for my blog, I thought of the name Simply Stylish and felt that it fit perfectly.

What will I be blogging about on Simply Stylish?

On Simply Stylish, you will find the latest and greatest outfit inspirations, helpful tips and tricks to your everyday fashion, beauty and lifestyle habits, and even a peek inside my life adventures! Come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to see a new post! 

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