4 Tips For A Productive “Lazy Sunday”

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Today was definitely one of those Sunday’s that makes you want to curl up with a blanket, drink coffee and watch Netflix all day! Even though that was the plan from the time I woke up… realizing rain was in the forecast all day long, I wanted to find a few easy, yet productive things I could get done before the up coming week that would still fulfill a relaxing, lazy Sunday!

A Few Tips For Achieving A Productive Lazy Sunday:

Tip #1 ~ Plan for the week ahead: Sunday’s are usually the days that I like to write down any future plans and make weekly goals. Also, I like being well prepared for plans I make, so I will usually review and edit any chances that come up. I am currently using a marble 2017 planner from Target that I am really loving! I strongly recommend using a planner to help you stay organized and well prepared for any upcoming plans you may have!

Tip #2 ~ Read an inspirational book: As someone that has gone through severe anxiety, I find that reading books…specifically, inspirational books, are extremely relaxing AND productive. This book, “Finding Spiritual Whitespace” by Bonnie Gray, shares the lack of time us as humans find for ourselves, rest, and God. Inspirational scriptures are placed throughout this book to remind us that it is OK to find time to focus on ourselves, and trust in Gods word. I am really loving this book!

Tip #3 ~  Give yourself an at home mani/pedi: One of my favorite things to do on lazy days, is have at home mani/pedis when I do not feel like going to the salon! I like to fill my foot spa with warm water and Epsom salt to give a spa like vibe. Then, I like to use this OPI primer is perfect for smoothing and preparing the nail to hold any color longer. Next, I like to paint my nails with any pastel color, mostly pink or this soft white (that is formulated with argon oil!) and lastly top the nails off with Salon Perfect top coat!

Tip #4 ~ Create easy homemade snacks: Konnor and I have been loving making different foods that are normally bought from a grocery store or a restaurant. Our recent experiment was sushi (which I talk about in my last post) and ended up tasting great! Then, just last night we decided to have a movie night and make homemade popcorn…OH MY GOODNESS. Homemade popcorn is super easy and in my opinion, tastes better than movie popcorn…yes! BETTER! Making the popcorn was extremely easy and a yummy snack for our movie night!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

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