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Shirt: very similar ~ Leggings: here ~ Shoes: here ~ Sunglasses: very similar

Welcome to Simply Stylish blog! My name is Kaitlyn and I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. The fashion world has always been a passion of mine, so much that I would like to share my passion and personal life with each and every one of you! Head on over to the “About Me” page to learn more about me!

This spring break was one of the most relaxing weeks I have had in a while! Konnor and I decided to go to Beavers Bend state park in Oklahoma, with some of our friends for an outdoor getaway. As college students, we take any chance we can get to travel and have some fun! While on our trip, we hiked, went sightseeing over the lake, ate amazing country food and my favorite part…KAYAKED! This was my first time to kayak, and I loved every single bit of it. This trip was much needed and a great relaxing couple of days!

Before we went to Oklahoma, I wanted to do a little shopping to find the perfect comfy, yet fashionable athletic wear. The whole trip, I lived in leggings. I picked up these maroon leggings from Old Navy, and extremely impressed with how soft they are! I am also obsessed with the different patterns and colors that they have to select from, and the thick waist band which is a MUST for me…otherwise they constantly fall down. Also from Old Navy, is this black athletic top. Since we were outdoors the whole time, I wanted something that would not be too clingy but also keep me warm, and that is exactly what it did! Also, this top made out of a slick polyester material, so sweat (YUCK!) was not an issue. Finishing the outfit, were my black Nike’s that I love for any kind of athletic/outdoor use, and my pink sunglasses that I recently purchased for spring!

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Lots of Love, Kaitlyn

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