TULA Talk: TULA Skincare Review + Coupon Code


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Hey lovelies!! I am sooo excited for today’s blog post! I am talking all about TULA skincare! I recently discovered TULA skincare as I was scrolling through Instagram, and was immediately intrigued when I saw their BEAUTIFUL packaging! As I researched more about their products, I found that they are natural and all about the balance of skin! I was so excited to try these products out and jumped for joy when they were delivered to my door! Down below, you will find my full TULA skincare review along with their wonderful story about their products. Don’t forget to click the links above and/or below to get your TULA skincare AND to get a 20% coupon code with free shipping on orders over $30…ENJOY!


TULA’S STORY: Lets first start by understanding what the word TULA actually means! “TULA” means balance in Sanskrit. TULA skincare is an all natural brand, that combines probiotics with different superfoods to make all of their products healthy for the skin. You can also find more information about exactly what goes into TULA skincare, on the “About” page here!

MY REVIEW: Lets first start with the purifying face cleanser. This product is simply amazing….no, seriously! I honestly had in mind that it would feel like any other face cleanser however, I have never had a cleanser make my face as smooth as this one did! I have always had small bumps along the outer part of my face that I have not been able to get rid of and the first thing I noticed was that my bumps are gone! I have nothing better to say other than I am obsessed! Next, we have the day/night time moisturizer. Again yall… amazing! The one thing that I cannot get enough of about this moisturizer is when it dries, it does not have a sticky feel to the skin! I have battled with feeling greasy after I apply moisturizer, but with this one, my face has a super soft skin like feel! The next product I want to talk about is the revitalizing eye cream. This eye cream applies soo soft and gets rid of any dull or puffiness around the eyes. Awesome right!? Lastly, we have the exfoliating mask. This mask is perfect for anyone who loves a soft, smooth feel to their skin. This mask has a lovely fresh/clean scent, plus, it is infused with tiny exfoliating beads to gently exfoliate your skin! This mask works like a charm, and again like I said earlier….leaves my face smooth with no tiny bumps!

OVERALL FEELINGS: Since I have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle, having an all natural skincare line was just what I needed to add to my new lifestyle! For me, I am very impressed with TULA skincare and am soo happy that I tried their products. I am ready to see positive changes to my skin, and know that TULA is the brand that I choose to help me! I am very impressed with how clean my face feels once I use these products! I have also noticed a subtle glow to my face and LOVE how smooth my makeup has applied now that I am using TULA!! Again, if you are interested in a healthy skincare line, give TULA a try! Find all of their products and coupon code here.


DISCLAIMER: * Some links are affiliate links, meaning if a purchase is made, I will make a certain percentage of commission off that purchase. This being said, all of the products and opinions I talk about are my own, honest opinions. I only lead y’all to products I love and trust!*


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